Tulsa Oktoberfest

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Tulsa's Oktoberfest is one of the best in the Country.  Many bands from Bavaria and Austria play all the favorites, including "The Chicken Dance" and polkas of every kind.  There are many things for families to do, including children's crafts and carnival rides.  Art and gifts from around the world are available from the vendors at Oktoberfest.

Perhaps the biggest draw for Oktoberfest is the food and drinks.  Food from Germany includes: Bavarian pretzels (with salt and cheese sauce, of course), brattwurst, german barbeque, kartoffelpuffer (potato pancackes), kastler ripchin (grilled porkchop), knackwurst, landjeager (beef jerkey), sauerkraut, schnitzel.  Other food from Europe includes: beef wellington, broccoli cheese puffs, Italian sausage and peppers, pizza, reuben sandwich, and spinach cheese puffs.   And let's not forget the beer. 


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address:2100 S. Jackson (River West Festival Park)

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