Day Trips in Columbus

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Columbus is the capital city of the state of Ohio, and located centrally in the state, making it a great spot in which to reach many other surrounding attractions and cities. The location of Columbus, and its easy access to most Ohio Freeways and highways makes most day trips within Ohio easy and fun.

Cleveland, Ohio

Located about 2 1/2 hours away to the north by car, is Ohio's second largest city, Cleveland. Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland is considered the birthplace of Rock n Roll, due to becoming the home of the first official rock n roll concert in March of 1952 and also based on the legacy of Alan Freed, a disk jockey credited with coining the phase rock n roll. Many music fans make the pilgrimage to Cleveland to explore the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The RnR Hall of Fame houses treasures from celebrated musicians, bands, songwriters, producers and djs. The glass pyramid, Pei, building overlooks the Lake, and is one of the top attractions for any visitor. Other notable Cleveland attractions are the Cleveland Museum of Art, Botanical Gardens, Cleveland Orchestra, and Cleveland is less than an hour drive from one of the best amusement parks in the nation, Cedar Point, home to some of the world's best roller coasters.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is another great day trip West from Columbus, and is reachable in about two hours by car. Situated on the Ohio River, Cincinnati is home to the Cincinnati Reds MLB team, and the Cincinnati Bengals NFL team. Cincinnati was founded in 1788, and was the first capital of the Northwest Territory. The family fun in Cincinnati is abundant with their incredible and award winning Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, The Newport Aquarium located across the river, Coney Island Water Park, and Paramount's Kings Island Amusement Park (home to The Beast, one of the world's oldest wooden roller coasters).

Dayton, Ohio

An hour southwest of the Columbus is the city of Dayton, Ohio, the 4th largest Ohio city. Dayton is home to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Wilbur and Orville Wright, the brothers who made the first successful flight in a powered aircraft, called Dayton, Ohio home. The museum is a must do on your trip to Dayton, steeped deep in history and considered one of the best aerospace exhibits in the country, the museum is interactive, expansive, and recently became home to a new IMAX theatre. 

Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Professional Football Hall of Fame is another great day trip, located about an hour outside of Columbus. Opened in 1963, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is home to the NFL greats (only players who have played in the NFL have been inducted here). Football fans will adore the house where the first football was built!

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