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Chad Lewis

Cincy is truly a city with culture. If you are from there and you know where to go, it can be really interesting. The city mainly was formed by Germans. There are still old German style houses in the old section of the town. It is one of the factory cities making the transition to modern, and culturally diverse. I lived there for 8 years of my life and my family still does. In the early times people use to speak German not English. The famous Ohio River passes south of the city and makes the natural State border with  Kentucky. The famous Dustin Hoffman's movie  callled " Rain Man" started in the city.

It is one of those cities where you have friends in many places. At pubs and bars that you go to every weekend, you can find every type of person, but none are judgemental. I live in Charotte, North Carolina, and many rich, materialistic people live here, and it is just an uneasy atmosphere all around, you never feel good enough, but in the bars of Cincinnati, you feel at home.

It is a city that is all about atmospere. You can go downtown and imagine the crowds that jammed Fountain Square after WW-II ended. It is just a very art deco type of feel. There are cool, new bars built in buildings that could have housed your great-grandparents. It is nostalgically hip. If you go on the river, there are friendly people that wave and join you for a beer just to celebrate life. Going on the river is truly a taste of the city.  If you pick up a couple of Skyline Chili Cheese Coneys and some oyster crackers and take a cruise down the river, you pass sternwheel steam boats and an old couple just taking a cruise, you just soak it up.

A lot of Cincinnatians are third or fouth generation, hence the big German and Irish influences that still impact the city. From Union Terminal to Downtown, it is a city that is most definitely worth the visit, if you know where to go.  


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