Getting Around in Albuquerque

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Getting Around Albuquerque


Driving around Albuquerque is the best way to see the sights. But you do need to be careful of the places you go and the condition of both the roads and the drivers. New Mexico has recently passed some tough new laws and enacted stiff fines for drunk driving – which is a huge problem in the state. If you are enjoying the city a little too much, consider taking a bus, a taxi, or having a designated driver.


Also, if you are going off-road, be sure you drive the appropriate vehicle – and take precautions. Hidden boulders can bend vehicle frames. Sandy roads are often deeper than they look. And many back roads have no signs and no directions. Watch out for washboard roads that can be hard on your car’s suspension. Be sure your cell phone is charged (or carry a car plug-in adapter), have your maps and travel guides ready, and stay alert.

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