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Location - Boston is the capital city of the state of Massachusetts, located in the Northeast of the United States. Boston is considered the largest city in New England and one of the oldest cities in the US founded in 1630. The city is nestled on the Boston Bay, part of the Massachusetts Bay. 

Population - According to the 2008 United States Census, Boston's has a population of approximately 609,023 residents within its city limits, making it the 22nd largest city in the country. It is estimated that there are more than 4.5 million residents in the Greater Boston area.

Telephone - The country code for the United States is 1, and the area codes for Boston are 617 and 857. While visiting the US you can dial 911 from any telephone for a medical, police, or fire emergency.

Weather - The Boston climate can be tricky due to its proximity to water, such as the Boston Harbour and Massachusetts Bay which both ultimately lead to the North Atlantic Ocean. Some describe the climate as continental humid.  Basically, you can expect fog and humidity quite frequently. Rain is frequent in the summer and spring months, and snow is very common in the winter. Boston is considered on of the wettest cities in the US. The breeze coming off the water keeps the temperature pretty mild, but also makes the city one of the windiest.

Currency - The form of currency is the US Dollar ($). Major credit cards and travelers checks are widely accepted at most retail, food, and hotel outlets. ATM's (cashpoints) are scattered all over the city, and aren't hard to find if you are looking. Banks generally operate Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, some extend their hours on weekends. It is always advisable to carry a small amount of cash.

Sports - MLB - Boston Red Sox, NFL - New England Patriots, NBA - Boston Celtics, NHL - Boston Bruins, Soccer - New England Revolution.

Nicknames - Beantown is the most popular Boston nickname, it derived from the Boston baseball team "The Beaneaters" in the 1870's. Other historians say that in the early 1900's Bostonians used to say "you don't know beans until you come to Boston", which inevitably helped the cause. Boston is the also referred to as "the Hub"(nickname originating in the mid 1800's),  the reference boastfully implied that Boston was the Hub of the universe.

Time - EST Eastern Standard Time or GMT - 5 in the winter or EDT Eastern Daylight Time or GMT -4 in the summer.

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