Maryland Travel Guide

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Osprey Provide Afternoon Entertainment

Osprey Provide Afternoon Entertainment

Bob Porter

Maryland is a state on the eastern seaboard, bordered by Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.  Originally founded by Virginians growing tobacco along the tidal rivers in the south, the King of England granted the land to Lord Baltimore.  He then established a colony which was tolerant to Catholics. 

Maryland has changed a lot over the years, with the big city of Baltimore both growing and declining to create an eclectic mix of people.  Annapolis has retained its charm of a colonial port city where locals enjoy the picturesque Chesapeake Bay.  Crabs, particularly soft-shell crabs, are synonmyous with Maryland and much of the local cuisine incorporates seafood from the bay.  More recently, the area around D.C. has overgrown itself into a suburban nightmare of gridlock, while western Maryland still looks much the same as it did several hundred years ago. 

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