Beaches in New Orleans

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New Orleans Beaches are great despite of the fact that the New Orleans coastline is marshy and full of swamps. There are also brown sand and brown water beaches, which are worth a visit. Most of these beach areas are on the southwest side of Louisiana and are barrier islands.

Grand Isle

The best beach in New Orleans is Grand Isle. Grand Isle is about one and one-half hour's drive away from the downtown area. Fishing and crabbing are the main activities that take place there and there are boats which can be taken for off-shore fishing. The best time to visit Grand Isle is the summers when there are events like fishing rodeos, island-wide garage sales, etc. In the spring and fall, there are migratory bird celebrations. Although not the cleanest or prettiest, but some people prefer Grand Isle because it’s not as crowded as the Florida or Alabama beaches.

Rutherford Beach

Rutherford Beach is one of the most diverse of New Orleans beaches. This beach is located in central Cameron Parish of Louisiana. Situated at the old mouth of the Mermentau River, this beach is the ideal destination for people who enjoy canoeing and kayaking. It is also famous for bird-watching and shell-collecting opportunities. As a word of precaution, there are just too many mosquitoes on the entire Gulf coast. It is estimated that 50 to 100 yards of the beach were washed away in Hurricane Rita.

North Beach

North Beach is located in the Calcasieu Parish of Louisiana. The best time to visit this beautiful beach is the summers. Although there are enough good hotels to choose from, but one is advised to make advance hotel bookings during summers. The tranquility of the water and the amazing Louisiana coastline is a wonderful vista, which is not to be missed. There is golfing at Mallard Cove Golf Course and Pine Shadows Golf Course and fishing to make it impossible for anyone to get bored. There is plenty of rainfall, the heaviest month being December and the driest being April.

Holly Beach

Holly Beach is also known as the "Cajun Riviera" and is one of the most important of the New Orleans beaches. It is situated in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. One can camp right next to the waters. This beach is famous for its crab fishing opportunities and its main form of shelter is beach-front cabins which are "built-to-be-rebuilt," due to the threat of hurricanes. Holly Beach is a place where thousands of beach lovers come swim, sun bathe, fish, crab, people watch, collect shells, bird watch, and hunt (in the winters).


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