Hyde Park in Chicago

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Hyde Park is a cozy historical neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.  It is relatively small, running from 51st Street on the North to 59th Street on the South, from Cottage Grove Avenue on the West to Lake Michigan on the East. The best way to get there from Downtown Chicago is either taking the Metra train from Randolph Street station, or taking bus #6 (Jackson Park Express) from anywhere on State Street. Hyde Park boast the presence of the renowned University of Chicago, and it is worth while strolling over the Nobel Laureate invested Campus for a while and enjoy the gothic architecture intended last century to give it immediate status as a center of learning. The Robie House, Frank Lloyd Wright's most beautiful example of a prairy style house, is on campus as well and can be visited daily (before 3pm) .

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Museum of Science & Industry

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Hyde Park is home to two world-famous institutions, the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science & Industry (MSI). The latter is housed in a Beaux-Arts neoclassical palace that was originally designed by Charles Atwood as the Palace of Fine Arts for the White City fairgrounds of the Columbian Exposition World's Fair (1893). It survived the fires that destroyed the other palaces partly because unlike the other palaces, it had a brick core under the plaster, and partly because it was separated from most of the others by the North Lagoon. Afterwards, it was occupied by more..

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Did you know that the first controlled nuclear reaction did not take place in Los Alamos, NM, but in Hyde Park on the campus of the University of Chicago. Fermi, the brilliant Italian physicist, was a faculty member of the university and oversaw the experiment.

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