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Hi!For the first time ever, I'm leaving Europe and I'm going to Australia! For one year, I'm plainnng to travel and work and to do as many crazy things that are possible So here are my questions - being 24, and having a passion for fashion.. You won't see me with the typical comfort and adventure clothing with hiking boots every day but I do want to go hiking, climbing, and doing the things that require those kind of clothes So I was wondering if you have any tips on what to pack? (from safari to fancy restaurant.. what to wear!?) oh and any tips for backpacks? (I have to buy a new one..)- number 2: Brisbane and Melbourne are already booked but were else should I go? White beach/outback/restaurants/island . I would love to hear some places you must go when in Australia' - and question number 3: If you have any other tips! I will be watching your video with a notebook so feel free to share

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