Museums in Kailua Kona

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I'm calling this a museum for lack of a better term.

The Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm is located just South of the airport in Kona. It is setup to breed and raise seahorses to sell, so that people won't take them from their ever-shrinking habitats in the wild.

These are amazing creatures, and the tour is chock full of tidbits about the seahorse. You not only get to feed the seahorses, but you get to see them in large "tubs", ranging in size from about 3/4" to 4" (though they do grow bigger, depending on the species).

In addition, you get to make a "reef" out of your hands and hopefully get one of them to wrap it's tail around your finger. Make sure you have someone with a camera at the ready, because they may get bored quick and move away from you.

Although I found the cost ($20) a bit steep, it was still quite enjoyable. Also, make sure you check tour times, as there are only a couple per day.

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