Getting Around in Atlanta

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If you are in downtown Atlanta, MARTA will get you to most of the major spots. However, it stops running around 1:00 am, so do not count on it if you are going to the bars in Buckhead or coming back from the airport late. There are plenty of taxis for your use though. It is not hard to find them in Buckhead, Downtown, or at the airport. If you are in other areas of the city, however, you will want to have a rental car or a taxi number on hand. Parking is usually plentiful all around town.

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Atlanta's public transportation; trains/subway and buses.  The train system isn't bad, but the bus service is very poor - buses are infrequent, often late (according to their own published schedules) and bus stops are poorly marked and usually uncovered.  Also, customer service on MARTA was poor although a few people were very helpful.

The MARTA web site is difficult to use if you don't know where you're going - there's no comprehensive map of the system.  Maps at the station are also inadequate - they all show detailed streets around their more..

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