People in Florida

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Residing in the fourth most populous state in the US, Florida people do not fall short when it comes to diversity. Florida is a state of varying landscapes and seascapes, diverse wildlife, and many different kinds of people. Florida has six cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, plus many suburban and rural communities with their own unique charms and people.

Ancestral Makeup

Citizens of German descent are the primary ancestral makeup, followed closely by Irish and English descendants. Florida's Hispanic population has significantly increased over the past ten years, predominantly in West-Central and South Florida. These residents typically make up the majority of migrant farm workers. The Black population of Hispanic descent in Florida is at its highest in South Florida, while the Black population of African descent is highest in the northern part of the state.


Though Roman Catholicism is the most common of any specific denomination, Florida is mostly associated with Protestants in general. Unlike most Southern states, Florida does have a sizable Jewish community.


Tourism makes up the largest sector of the state's economy. Florida's theme parks, miles of sandy beaches, and warm weather attract more than 60 million visitors every year. Even in winter months, Florida's beach communities are hot spots for the "snow birds" that visit every year. Next to tourism, Florida's cattle and agriculture industries employ the second-largest number of workers. Since the 1960's, Florida's aerospace industry has employed many residents who migrated to the Space Coast from all over the country. Also, because of the state's easy access to water, fishing is another huge industry.


From the urban "big city" life, to the rural towns of Central and North Florida, to the beach communities all down the coastline, Floridians have much to do for fun. Residents of the larger cities often live in condos and apartment housing; they have many restaurants and nightlife venues to choose from. People of the rural setting are typically more "outdoorsy," and often hunt for various in-season game. The residents of the beach communities usually lead a more relaxed lifestyle. There's more of a sense of community in such towns, and there are often neighborhood gatherings for weekend events. People of the beach communities are also very involved in water sports such as surfing, kayaking and scuba diving.

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