When to Go in Orlando

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An average day temperature throughout winter months is about 65 degrees and roughly 45 degrees at night. Winter months last between late November and early February. Rain is not that common during this season. Jeans and a jacket are a must. However, you will also see many locals still wearing flip-flops with coats. Waterparks are closed during this season, but all themeparks are open and this is a great time to visit them. Crowds are low and temperature are great for walking around. If you are planning a trip to themeparks near the holidays you'll love the festive decorations, but might not like the crowds during that time. All in all this is a great time to visit Orlando.


Spring months are nice in the beginning, but quickly turns hot. Spring months include February, March, and April. During late February the temperature stays in the high 70s. March and April the temperature rises into the 80s. Night temperatures will normally reach the high 60s. Rain is occasional, but not really a big problem during this season. Visitors to Orlando can return to wearing shorts throughout the spring. Most waterparks will open in March and aren't very crowded. This is the best time to go to waterparks to avoid large groups of people. Themeparks start to get a bit more crowded, especially during the weekends. Downtown Orlando will get very busy during the weeks of Spring Break.


If you're planning to visit Orlando during the summer you should start to prepare yourself for the weather. From May through September the temperatures go well into the 90s and sometimes can reach over 100 degrees. Nights are not much cooler. Rain, especially in June through August, can be counted on in the afternoons. Hurricane season also starts in June and lasts through November, but most bad storms occur during the summer season. Waterparks and themeparks get very crowded. I recommend avoiding them all together. The mix of many people with hot temperatures can get very uncomfortable. Orlando is a busy and extremely hot destination during the summer months. I would try to avoid a vacation during this time.


Fall months are October and November. This season brings a nice weather change to the area. Temperatures stay in the low 70s during the days and the mid 50s at night. Rain even slows down during this season and a nice afternoon wind can be felt. This is great time for outdoor activities. Waterparks close in late fall, but it's a perfect time to visit themparks. Summer crowds are gone and attractions are not very busy. Hotels normally run deals during this time. Fall in Orlando is simply lovely.

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