Top 5 Must Do's in Orlando

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Orlando is a thrilling roller coaster ride of themed amusement parks, glitzy special effects studios, brilliantly conceived theme rides, water parks and an unlimited array of fun, entertainment, fantasy and magic. Here's some information on the best things to do and see in this bewitching wonderland.

1. Walt Disney World

You just can’t leave Orlando without visiting Walt Disney World. This world-famous sprawling entertainment complex features four theme parks, two super exciting water parks, over twenty swanky themed hotels and a string of other recreation, dining and shopping destinations. Visitors can feast on magical iconic structures like the magnificent Cinderella’s Castle, Spaceship Earth and enjoy the enchanting Animal Kingdom theme park along with myriad other surprises.

2. Sea World

Another exciting must do in Orlando is Sea World, an action-packed destination with state of the art 3-D rides, enchanting sea-animal shows, interactive theme adventures, animal interaction sessions and guided adventure camps. There are also fine dining venues, exhibition centers and several special tours conducted for big groups. Sea Lions Tonight and Reflections are spectacular shows along with the almost surreal Wild Arctic and Manta rides.

3. Universal Orlando

One of the most celebrated special effects studios in the world, the Universal Studios is a blockbuster destination that is chockablock with theme parks like the favorite Island of Adventure, which features the most innovative 3D roller coaster rides, Hollywood flicks inspired children’s adventure rides and slick entertainment shows. Universal Studios is a movie based theme park with live shows, theme rides and multiple dining venues. The Jaws ride offers pure adventure and awe-inspiring special effects. A must visit for movie aficionados.

4. Pirates Dinner Adventure

The world’s first interactive dinner adventure show enthralls visitors with is dramatic display of artistic wizardry, stunning special effects, daring swordplay and a medley of other staged stories that incorporate action, adventure and comical elements. Visitors have the once in a lifetime opportunity of actively participating in adventurous shows while enjoying a scrumptious interactive dining experience.    

5. Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Find the eccentric, odd, quirky, unbelievable, inexplicable and amusing at the most incredible museum that invites visitors to challenge their beliefs of the possible and impossible. Watch the matchstick Rolls Royce and a picture of Ripley holding a shrunken head. Super stuff.

Orlando is a treasure trove of sleek entertainment parks and high-end effects studios and rides that redefine the concept of interactive enjoyment.

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