Things to do in Orlando

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Orlando is fun and tourist friendly. Obviously, you can visit Walt Disney World, an incredible and first class example of a theme park. But some people, prefer a little more adventure than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Islands of Adventure

This theme park is definitely not Disney World. The Islands of Adventure theme park is part of the Universal Studios corporate empire. This park is new and has some wild rides, like the Incredible Hulk Coaster. The Jurassic Park River Adventure is also wild but a bit slower, with the classic last moment plunging hill to get you wet.

Airboat Rides

For more adventurous folk Orlando provides a mixed bag of intriguing local activities. For some local Deep South pleasure, amuse yourself with an airboat ride. Ride on top of the Florida waterways in an armchair and gaze at wildlife including the famous Florida alligator and not so famous marsh cow. In my experience the airboat ride operators are fun-loving outdoors types and are even more amusing than the nature so be prepared to have a good time. You can rent a private boat or catch a ride with other tourists.

DeLeon Springs

If you feel like the theme park madness of Orlando is closing in on you take a quick trip north on highway 17 to the beautiful state park in DeLeon Springs. Bring your swimsuit and enjoy paddle boats, canoes and swimming hole. There is a famous local pancake restaurant in the area called Grist Mill where you cook your own food on a grill in the middle of your table. All you can eat packages are available.

Vans Skate Park

The Vans Skate Park is located at the Festival Bay Mall. Drop your kids off and let them have fun while you shop. There are even BMX sessions, call for times. They have a 25,000 square foot indoor street course, a cement Dough Boy Bowl featuring depths from 4 to 8 ft, a 15,000 square foot outdoor concrete street course and a vert ramp.

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