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Orlando, Florida is 67.3 sq. miles and 4.7 sq. miles of this are bodies of water. It is the largest inland city in Florida. The Central Florida city has a population of roughly 213,00 residents and 52% is composed of female inhabitants. The average age of people in Orlando is 33 years-old. The yearly income per household is approximately $35,000.


The climate in Orlando is humid subtropical. The average temperature high for the city is a stifling 92 degrees. The average low is 49 degrees. There is a hot and rainy season that last from June through September, which is around the same time as hurricane season. Planning a vacation during this time shouldn't be a huge problem as long as you keep an eye on the weather the week before you go. You will be able to tell if Orlando might be in the path of the oncoming storm. The months of October through April tend to be more dry and cooler, well as cool as Florida weather gets.


As a traveler you should expect to spend a moderate amount of money on things such as souvenirs, food, and hotels. Although, if you are purchasing these items in theme park areas, then expect to pay more than the average price. If you buy a fast-food meal in a theme park area, even outside the actual park itself, it will more than likely be several dollars more. For instance, a chicken sandwich meal at the McDonald's in Downtown Disney will cost around $9, which is about $3 more than off-site McDonald's.


Orlando is ranked the 18th highest crime city in the nation. While some of the city is safe for tourist there are sections that are dangerous and should be avoided if possible. Part of your vacation might involve a trip to the Amway Arena to see an Orlando Magic game or a concert. If this is the case then it is best to know that the area surrounding the arena is home to many homeless individuals. Personally, I have never had an issue with the situation, but it's just reassuring to be made aware of it ahead of time. Also, Paramore Avenue, near the arena, is an area to avoid as well. It is an active place for crime and not a great place for anyone, especially travelers, to be in. However, if you are staying in hotels on or near theme park property, they are mostly crime-free and you can sleep with ease.



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Disney Transportation

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Many tourists staying on-site in Disney World will learn or know that all Disney transportation is free. This, however, extends to any tourist staying outside of WDW as well. Here is a tip on saving on transportation while visiting the parks:
Parking in Downtown Disney is free. If you park close to the Cirque Du Soleil venture, you will find the Disney transportation center right behind La Nouba. Take a free ride inside the park of your choice here.

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