Universal Studios Florida

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Entrance to Universal Studios

Entrance to Universal Studios

Richie E Gemein

Universal Studios Orlando has the magical ability to transport the average tourist into the world of film. The park is open every day of the year. Opening time is 9:00 am and closing times varies between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Tickets cost $73 for one-day admission, but there are also tickets for multiple-day admission and joint admission to its sister park Islands of Adventure (located directly next to Universal Studios). Parking is a bit different from the average theme park. All parking is in an enclosed parking garage and will cost $12. However, you could pay $20 for valet parking if you wish to be closer to the park.


Universal Studios does a seamless job blending family and adult attractions. Every visitor to the park will have moments where they wonder if they're in a theme park or actually walking down the streets of New York or by San Francisco Harbor. Each area of Universal Studios acts like a movie by taking you to another place and time.

If you're a parent worried that there won't be enough to entertain your children, then forget those apprehensions. Kids will be enthralled with attractions in Woody-Woodpecker Kidzone, which range anywhere from climbing a 30 foot spider web in Fievels Playground to jumping on a bike and flying with E.T. The great thing about these rides is that the parents can join in too and they will actually enjoy the so-called "kiddie-rides".

If you're looking for more of a fast-paced experience, then Revenge of the Mummy should be the first and last ride that you jump in line for. This will take you on an exciting, heart pumping roller coaster ride through almost complete darkness. This is a favorite thrill ride for most park visitors so the lines can get very long, but it's worth the wait. JAWS, a classic Universal Studios ride, will have you fearing the water in your bathtub. This is great for families with older children, or a group of friends, to all enjoy together because the ride consist of sitting in rows on a boat.

Must-Know Information

There is a long walk to the actual theme park from the parking garage. You'll need to walk from the parking area to City Walk and then through City Walk. The walk will be difficult for the elderly and handicapped. There are wheelchairs to rent if needed. There is no alcohol on theme park ground, so keep your drinking in City Walk. Additionally, the best time to go is during late fall and winter. The weather is comfortable and the crowds are at a minimum.


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