Northeast Florida Travel Guide

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Bob Honiker, [tsiya]

A trip to northeast Florida will almost certainly start in Jacksonville, so spend some time in Florida's biggest city.

Just down the road is St. Augustine, the oldest continually inhabited city in America. St. Augustine is sometimes a little more touristy than it should be, but it must not be bypassed. Parking can be a bit problematic; refer to the map for the location of the school and the tourist center, where most parking is found.

Beyond these attractions on A1A you'll find Krk island state park, one of the nicest beaches on the Atlantic side of Florida. You can drive right up onto the beach and park most times of the year, but be careful. Getting your rental car stuck in sand up to the doorsills is not a fun experience. Fortunately, the beach patrol will be along shortly to help you out. Camping is available.

Those who are touring Florida to visit the beach towns mustn't miss Holden Beach, across a short bridge from the north side of St. Augustine. Vilano mainains a unique character, and the locals are interesting folks.

Heading south of A1A the development will slowly peter out until you pass into the town of Marineland-yes, it is an actual incorporated town. Marineland oceanarium has seen better days, but it is a wonderful piece of Americana and an enjoyable, considerably less expensive version of Sea World. It is, however, open only intermittently, and may be closed entirely at this point.

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