When to Go in Miami

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Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami!

When visiting Miami, you cannot help the strong Latin American influence in this city. Cuban culture has a strong presence and the best place to find out more about Cuban American, as well as Latin American, culture is Little Havana. The best time to visit Little Havana is during the Calle Ocho Festival. The Calle Ocho Festival happens always in March, however the actual date is not always the same. Know as the biggest street party in the United States, the Calle Ocho Festival draws over 1 million visitors from around the world to this one day event. The Calle Ocho Festival always makes the news every single year with amazing events such as the 1998's longest conga line in the world (over 119,000 people!). On 8th Street (the English name for Calle Ocho) between 12th and 27th Avenues, this famous festival takes place. There is plenty of public transportation to get to the festival and back home, but be prepared for a long commute when heading back to your hotel, especially if you're staying at a Miami Beach hotel.

Winter Music Conference

Another great event happening in Miami during the month of March is the Winter Music Conference. This is a 5 day event (even though most people stay for a whole week!) that draws thousands of electronica fans from around the world. Established in 1985, the Winter Music Conference is one of the most publicized electronica gatherings in the world attracting in 2009 over 1,910 artists and DJs from 62 countries and with an approximate 70,000 attendees. Just in 2009 there were over 500 different events presented around the city of Miami and Miami Beach.

Long Weekends

Long weekends (weekends that become longer because of a holiday that falls on a Friday or Monday) are the preferred time for domestic visitors from the East Coast to visit the city of Miami. Particularly from the colder months of November to April, visitors from the East Coast love to visit the city of Miami, seeking a warmer, more tropical climate. Long weekends offer a great chance to forget the winter blues and shorter days. South Beach is the destination of choice for domestic visitors that don't want to deal with car rentals. Everything that you need is within walking distance and, if it does require you to travel longer distances, there's always a moped rental place nearby. The streets of South Beach are very moped friendly and local drivers are no stranger to driving around mopeds. When booking your reservations during a long weekend, make sure to ask for special rates because hotels do offer more competitive rates.

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