Beaches in Miami

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Miami beach

Miami beach

The good problem with Miami beaches is that its beaches characteristics are as varied as the city's population. There you can find a beach for swimming, socializing, serenity, for family, seniors, gays, or even a beach to make you forget you're in the city. But rest assured whatever kind of beach vacation you're looking for, you'll find it either in Miami Beach or Key Biscayne, which is half an hour outside of Miami Beach. Whenever on the beach, you get a nice view from the shoreline because you look back to Ocean Drive and there you go having a sight at the Art Deco architecture. Next to the beach is a paved strand where rollerblades, bicycles, and scooters have access. The beach is also great for Volleyball, ball games and playing Frisbee.

In case you hungry, it is preferable to walk back to Ocean Drive look at menus in restaurants and easily see what you prefer. I prefer to eat on Ocean Drive since it seems part of the south beach experience, but you can get quick snacks and drinks at beach stands.

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