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Sunset Pier, Key West

Sunset Pier, Key West

LuAndre Volschenk

There is no other more relaxing place in the United States.  It's completely out of a travel guide.

Make sure that you stay within the "touristy" section of the island or else you might have just wasted your money in the center of Wildwood, NJ (which I am from btw).  As long as you have a drink in one hand and a smile on your face (almost impossible not to), you should be the most content you have ever been.

Also make sure you plan to be at Mallory Square at or before sunset. It is a tourist mecca in the evenings. Street vendors, performers and atmosphere like no other place I have seen. Then there is the sunsets. There is nothing like a sunset into the sea. The colors of the sky at this time of the evening can be quite spectacular.

It will most likely rain short spurts of downpour on evenings when you dressed up to go out.  But it will stop shortly after you finish your drink up at Sloppy Joe's, Captin Tony's or Irish Kevin's (EVERYONE owns a bar in Key West!)

I would suggest to not bring children here, they will just inhibit your ability to go out at night and have "adult" fun (which is what Key West is all about) and there's no bigger buzz kill than seeing a family in a bar. 

You must rent a scooter.  They are marvelous fun.  You can go just about as fast as the cars on the side streets and scoot in and out of the traffic with ease.  The locals detest these scooters; many riders operate them dangerously (several killed or injured yearly) and the horns are very annoying when you use them inappropriately. If you do rent a scooter, please follow all safety guidelines and be courteous to those around you.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Key West.  I only hope that someone else who has been here will write more about their marvelous time!


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