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The three counties that make up the state of Delaware were added to William Penn's lands in America. In 1682, Penn came ashore at New Castle and took possession, but these counties, which were well established, became dissatisfied with Penn's rule. In 1704, he granted them a separate legislature and New Castle became the colonial capital of Delaware. In June 1776, the three lower counties declared their independence from both Great Britain and Pennsylvania. During the Revolutionary War, the minor battle of Cooches Bridge was fought in Delaware, a few miles south of Newark along the Christina River. On December 7, 1787, Delaware signed the United States Constitution, becoming the first colony to do so.

Today, Delaware is the corporate home to more than half the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Chemical and banking industries are the largest ecomonic force in northern Delaware, while agriculture is the largest industry in the southern part of the state. Delaware beaches in eastern Sussex County are a popular destination in the summer months. And because Delaware has no sales tax, it has become well-known to out-of-state shoppers as well.


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