When to Go in Denver

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Denver isn’t called the mile high city for nothing. Be ready to make the adjustment from near sea level to a mile above. With the temperature range as vast as Denver’s, you have to make sure you are prepared for the right season.


The spring months bring about a wonderful change in the weather. While you will still need that heavy coat at night you should be able to get away with nothing more than a light jacket during the day. The Denver Home Show kicks off in March just in time to get any tourist or local ready for spring cleaning. With the high temperatures starting out around 54 F in March and topping out around 70 F in May the scheduling for the Downtown Arts Festival could not be better.


As school lets out and the kids are accompanying families on vacation the summer weather in Denver will make everyone happy. The low temperatures range from 53 F to 59 F and highs ranging from 82 F to 88 F. You will love the warm days but be prepared with a light jacket during the summer evenings in Denver. The city hosts the Rocky Mountain Summer Gospelgrass during June which is a family oriented music festival. The end of the summer sees the Gilpin county fair come to town and what could be better than a few carnival rides to top off the season.


The temperatures start to cool off during the fall season as Denver’s festivals prove. September has the fly fishing world exposition and Oktoberfest both of which scream brisk weather and fun. The grape harvest starts to come to an end with the annual Balistreri Harvest Party in October. With temperatures ranging from 24 F – 77 F the fall season is topped off with Denver’s Arts Week.


It is finally time for skiing in Denver. If you are looking for a white Christmas Denver is the place to be. Low temperatures bottom out at 15 F and highs will top out at 43 F. You will definitely need a heavy coat, scarf and mittens to get through a Denver winter.  January welcomes the Chocolate for Vets Chocolate Festival which benefits veterans in the V.A. in Colorado and is the perfect way to top off a winter visit to Denver.

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