Nightlife and Entertainment in Denver

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Hot spots in Denver include LoDo (Lower Downtown), 16th Street Mall, and Market Street. All of these areas are in downtown Denver.

The LoDo area is the area surrounding the new baseball stadium, Coors Field. This area is packed with numerous sports bars and trendy hang-outs. It is especially crazy on the weekends and game nights. Some favorite bars in this area are LoDo's and Sing-Sing, which is a piano bar. Herb's is a great place to catch live music, especially jazz.  

Market Street is crowded with people on Thursday through Saturday nights, especially in the summer. Vipers and Mercedes cruise the streets looking for attention. The place to go on Market Street is the Purple Martini. This yuppie bar offers every kind of martini you could possibly think of, and then a few others you would never even dream of!  Another great hotspot located in downtown Denver is Spy's.  It's a swank Secret Agent/James Bond atmosphere that promises to entertain.  The interior is dimly lit and features binocular, perfect for "spying".  The bathroom area is coed and the stalls feature ceiling to floor mirrors making it quite an interesting experience.  Perhaps the most noticeable form of entertainment though, comes in the form of the silhoutted women who dance to the urban beats filtering through the speakers behind larger than life screens and in niches along the walls. 

16th Street is closed to traffic through much of downtown and is accessible only by foot. The street is lined with shops and eateries and a free shuttle runs the length of the "mall." The two highlights of the mall are the new Denver Pavillions, whose hotspots include a Hard Rock Cafe and Nike Town, and the Tabor Center. The Cheesecake Factory, located on the western edge of the mall, and the Rock Bottom Brewery are two of the places to be seen on the weekends. 

For fun all year round and into the next, check out Downtown Denver on New Year's Eve.  Between the fireworks displays that are launched from the rooftops and sides of the corporate builidings, the raucous bars, live entertainment and people, Denver on New Year's Eve promises to bring the new year in with a bang.  Larimer Square, another hot spot to add to the list of Things to Do and See in Denver offers the occassional outdoor skating rink.  Be careful though, they don't offer locked cubby holes or lockers and losing your shoes either by accident on purpose is a very plausible reality (belive me, I'd know).  Larimer Square is also known for the great shops, hangouts and dives that it features.  There is bound to be live music and good food is guaranteed.  For those of you love a pretty winter scene, Larimer Square hosts some of the prettiest, if the simplest, lighting techniques during the holiday months.  They are known for stringing white lights from rooftop to rooftop, creating a veritable canopy of light under which to walk and listen to the snow crunch beneath your feet.  Overall, the experience to downtown denver is guaranteed to stimulate your senses.

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