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Chris Carter

Chris Carter

Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau

Denver travel has never been easier with several airline carriers providing service to and from Denver International Airport. The budget low fare airlines, Southwest and Airtran, both fly to Denver. For scheduling and fares, visit and The other airlines are Northwest, United, American, US Airways, Delta, Continental, and Frontier. Amtrak offers rail service as well to Denver Union Station at 1701 Wynkoop Street. For more information, go to Also, Greyhound provides service to Denver. Conveniently, there are four possible drop off points in the city. To get more info, check out

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Denver International Airport

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Built ten years ago on the plains outside of Denver, Denver International Airport (airport code DEN) has birds in the atrium of terminals and art in the inter-terminal tram tunnels.  During busy hours, baggage can take a while to collect and the trams are very crowded.  Make sure you arrive at the airport at least an hour early when you are flying out--there is sometimes a very long wait for security, check-in lines are long, and they won't let you check in inside half an hour of your flight. 

Bus to Downtown
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