Ventura County Travel Guide

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Situated between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ventura County often gets overlooked as a vacation/travel destination.  It doesn't have a Disneyland, Sea World or Magic Mountain, nor does it have a professional sports team, and there are no "Big Name" spas or other recreation centers.  Of course, all of the above and more are within driving distance.  What Ventura County lacks in big, glittery entertainment venues, it more than makes up for in charm, outdoor recreation, art, cultural and historical sites, and (most-importantly for the cost-conscious traveler) comparatively-inexpensive lodging, dining and shopping.  Add mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands to the list, and you have a top-notch place for a day-trip, a weekend or a full-blown vacation that'll make you wonder how you could have missed it before, and have you looking forward to your next visit.  Oh, and let's not forget businesses; there are lots of facilities for conferences and small conventions.
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