Pacific Beach Travel Guide

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San Diego is located in the southern most tip of coastal California and is the last frontier before the Mexican border. Pacific beach is located approximately 10 minutes north from San Diego’s International Airport, and is one of the most happening spots in the city. San Diego has a high number of university students and many of them reside in Pacific Beach or “PB” as they call it, due to its proximity to the beach and seemingly endless number of bars and nightspots. Pacific beach has a very laid back atmosphere and is well known for its alternative inhabitants. It is certainly an under 30’s spot with the older generations preferring Mission Beach and La Jolla when visiting this city.  

Garnett Street

Garnett Street is the main street in Pacific beach which runs from the east, near the main freeway, all the way to the pier on the beach. This street is where most of your time will be spent and has quite a wide array of offerings. There are a number of bars, restaurants, second hand bookstores, music stores and clothing shops, which are generally targeted to the younger market. At night Garnett Street comes to life and is one of the most popular nightspots in the whole city. The great thing about this Street is that regardless of time or bar, sporting a pair of sandals and board shorts is always acceptable.  

The Boardwalk

Pacific beach, like others in California, has a spectacular boardwalk on the beach, which is lined with shops, bars and beautiful beach homes. During the summer months this part of town is where it’s all happening. People go up and down the boardwalk on skateboards, bicycles and everything else imaginable. The characters that frequent this street also provide some quality entertainment and a great photo. The boardwalk links up with a beachfront amusement park equipped with a rollercoaster. Adjacent to this is where you can hire a bike; roller skates or whatever takes your fancy to cruise at your own pace.  

The Beach

Pacific Beach is blessed with a beautiful, big, white sandy beach. Unlike many others in Southern California, PB is lucky enough to have no rocks or dangerous obstacles. In summer the beach is a buzz with activity and is certainly a place to get the real feeling of a hot Californian summer. Volleyball nets and courts are available as well as surfboard hire and professional surfing lessons. After a day on the beach here it will be time to hit the showers and get ready for a night on the town.