Getting There in San Diego

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Ariving in San Diego can be accomplished by many means. The major airport, Lindberg Field, is frequented by most domestic and international carriers and is thus the easiet way in or out of the city for most travelers.

For visitors from adjoining states or even within California itself, automobile and train travel is often prefered. Interstate 5 travels up the coast throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. Interstate 15 goes northeast through the rugged California deserts and into southern Nevada (right into Las Vegas), and then up into Utah and Salt Lake City. Meanwhile, Interstate 8 heads out of San Diego to the east winding its way through the desert and into Arizona. Amtrak passenger rail service is also available and can take the visitor throughout the state and even cross the entire country.

San Diego is also a port-of-call to a number of major cruise lines and they debark passengers down at the embarcedaro for day trips around the city.

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