Getting Around in San Diego

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San Diego's Lindbergh Field airport is 3 miles (5km) northwest of the downtown area. Municipal buses shuttle buses and taxis make the short trip downtown an easy one. The major car rental agencies have desks at the airport. If you plan on driving to Mexico or Las Vegas, Nevada make sure your rental agreement allows for this.

The city bus system covers most of the metropolitan area while the North County Transit District (NCTD) covers the north county coastal and inland cities. It is a convenient way of getting around if you're not staying out late at night. Two trolley lines run from the terminal near the railway station at the western edge of the downtown grid. One heads south to the Mexican border at San Ysidro the other heads east through the downtown area to Santee. the trolley and bus fares are very reasonable.

A commuter rail service ( The Coaster) operates from the Santa Fe Railroad Depot along the coast north of the city in the morning and evening rush hours. Also there is standard railway service available through Amtrak that can take you on longer trips to other cities or states. A ferry shuttles between Coronado and the Broadway Pier on the extreme western edge of the downtown area. There are great cycle routes in Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Coronado. MTS buses on some routes have a bike rack and bikes can be transported without extra charge.

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Highway System

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The highway system in California is very extensive and will be invaluable to those traveling by rental car. There are many major interstate 4-lane "freeways" that help the tourist to traverse the state more easily. Roads numbered with an "ODD" number go north-south while "EVEN" numbers go east-west. The traveler is advised to try and avoid the rush hour traffic in the mornings and early evenings as this makes the trip much more time consuming due to the heavy volume of traffic.

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