Practical Information in California

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Here are some pieces of useful information to think about when planning a trip to California in the United States of America.

Population Size

California is the most populous state in the USA, with an ever rising population close to 39 million people.

Eight of the fifty most populated USA cities are within the state of California. These cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, and Oakland.

Languages Spoken

Like most cities in the USA, the chiefly spoken language in California is English, but the state, situated so close to Mexico and South America, also has a large Hispanic and Latino population. Spanish is also widely spoken throughout the state.

Economy and Currency

The monetary currency of California is the US dollar system.

The economy of the state is based on many interests, including farming. It is possible to sample a great deal of local produce, from oranges to wines.

Due to the importance of agriculture, travelers into the state are often questioned if they have either been on a farm themselves or if they are carrying any organic products into the state.


Plane – many travelers enter the state by plane, and because the state is so large planes also connect city to city. There are major airports in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and Fresno, and there is a more minor airport in Santa Barbara.

Trains – Amtrak operates a direct train service from Chicago to parts of California, but the comfort is questionable and the trip takes about three days. Within California, Amtrak operates the Pacific Surfliner between San Luis Obisbo and San Diego via Los Angeles, San Joaquins between Sacramento and Bakersfield, and the Capitol Corridor between San Jose and Sacramento.

Bus – Greyhound operates services between approximately a hundred locations within the state. There are hourly buses between San Diego and Los Angeles, and frequent services connect other large cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Car – entering the state by car is possible via interstate highways, and within California there is an extensive highway system. Driving from the top to the bottom of the state can take at least ten to twelve hours.

Cruise – There are some cruises which operate along the west coast of the USA, and some stretch from Mexico to Canada with ports of call within California.

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