Laguna Hills Travel Guide

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Laguna Hills, California could possibly have been created by the finest of artists. The ocean here seems more blue and the buildings appear just a little more perfect than the rest of the world. Clouds rarely turn grey and the sun seems to eternally shine. This is a destination made for travelers.

Beach Paradise

Laguna Hills could be the poster-child for Southern California. Beaches are dotted with well-toned surfers and bikini-clad women. In Laguna Hills the beach becomes more than a weekend attraction. It is truly part of the day-to-day life of the city and has grown to be the spirit that Laguna Hills thrives off of. Laguna Hills has several beaches and all offer a unique experience. However, they still provide visitors with the blue crashing waves, sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs that would be expected. An abundance of water activities can be done while at one of the many beaches here. Anything from swimming to boating to jet skiing are possible options. If your visiting the beach on a chilly Laguna Hills night, then build a fire and roast some marshmallows. Beaches in Laguna Hills can offer some of the most fun and relaxing times that you can have while visiting this destination.

Wilderness Parks

Not only is Laguna Hills home to beautiful beaches, it's also a place where multiple wilderness parks reside. Each park has its own personality. Some are close to the beach and offers rolling grassy hills which run into the ocean. Other parks are many acres of untouched and open forests. Hiking, bird watching, biking, and camping are some the outdoor fun that can be had. Bring your camera because some the sights need to be captured in order to be believed by others. Keep in mind that many of the parks require a parking fee, which is normally less than $10 per vehicle.

Other Fun Activities

Laguna Hills is in the perfection location to many major attraction. Catalina Island is close by and Disneyland is additionally very close. Museums, both displaying history and art, are plentiful in the city and in the surrounding areas. Another wonderful thing about Laguna Hills is that it is located nicely off the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is a great place to go whale watching. However, if animals are an interest of yours, then you won't have to go into the middle of the ocean to view them. The Orange County Zoo is nearby and full of exotic animals for your viewing. Laguna Hills is full of activities to satisfy your time and enjoyment.


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