Century City Travel Guide

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About 10 miles west of Hollywood is Century City. It used to all belong to Fox but they had to sell it – allegedly to pay off debts from the production of Cleopatra. You can see glimpses of the Fox lot (no tour) and on the AVENUE of THE STARS is the famous “Nakatomi” building from DIE HARD (now known as the Fox Tower). AVENUE of the STARS also is west coast HQ’s for most cable companies and ABC (no tours). Nearby in Culver City is Sony & MGM (no tours and not much of a back lot).

Century City combines office, residential, retail and leisure opportunities on an unprecedented scale in an integrated environment that responds to the lifestyle demands and priorities of today's society and where people can live, work, shop or play.

Safety and security are a high priority at Century City. The site is enclosed by a decorative wrought-iron fence with all access roads permanently manned and surveillance cameras recording all vehicles entering and leaving the site. There is a dedicated police station on site and the grounds are patrolled 24 hours a day.

Providing a green lung in the heart of Century City is Intaka Island, an award winning 16ha wetlands conservation area that is rich in birdlife and indigenous plants. Formerly known as the Blouvlei, Intaka Island comprises 8ha of ecologically sensitive ephemeral (seasonal) pans, that are among the last remaining of their kind, and 8ha of reconstructed wetlands that serve to cleanse the water in the 6km of navigable canals that link the different elements of Century City.

The reconstructed portion of Intaka Island has been opened up to the public on a controlled basis and is becoming an important eco-tourism destination.

The Century City Property Owners Association (CCPOA) has established strict design guidelines for developers at Century City. There is a design review committee that must approve and sign-off all building plans before they are submitted to the local authority. Without CCPOA approval no building plan will be approved by the Council.

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