Getting There in California

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The great state of California is an amazing place to start your journey around the United States. It is no surprise that a lot of international visitors decide to make California their starting point for road trips because of the readily available market for second hand cars and the great local network of hostels around the state. Here are some suggestions on how to get to California.

Getting There by Plane

The two major international airports that serve California are the Los Angeles International Airport ( IATA airport code: LAX) and the San Francisco International Airport ( IATA airport code: SFO ). There are about other 12 other airports that serve smaller cities and towns, but you should look into arriving at either of the 2 major international airports to take advantage of lower prices. Several American and international airlines offer direct flights to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco. There are direct flight options from the whole American continent, the European continent, the Asian continent and some cities in Oceania and the Middle East.

Getting There by Car

If you're already in the United States and you have the possibility to either rent, purchase or buy a car, then you have several options to drive to California. One of the most popular routes to move around California is the U.S. Route 101. Located on the West Coast of the United States, the U.S. Route 101 was originally built in 1926 and it extends for about 808,00 miles (around 1,300,000 miles). Driving around this scenic route is amazing because it offers several ocean views and highly recognizable landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge.

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