Getting Around in California

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California Transportation is well established because of the state's size and population. The state of California is not only the most populated state in the United States but is also the third largest in size. From the sandy beaches at the Pacific Ocean to the booming metropolises such as San Francisco and Los Angeles to the high peaks such as Mount Whitney, the state of California has something for everybody.

Getting Around by Plane

Given the great distances between most cities in this state, it is a good idea to travel by plane because flight within the state is quite inexpensive. The state has about a dozen airports, but the main 2 airports are the Los Angeles International Airport and the San Francisco International Airport because of their size and number of daily flights. Make sure to book your flight with at least a week in advance to guarantee the lowest possible prices. There are some last minute offers between certain cities but don't count on them, always have a back up plan.

Getting Around by Car

The market for used cars in California is very active and if you're planning to stay in the state for a while and you're traveling with a group of friends, it is a good option to buy a cheap car by splitting evenly the cost. Road trips around this state have been shown in plenty of motion pictures, so why not give a try yourself. Before buying a car make sure that the car has a valid registration and inspection permit. Car insurance can be bought easily online, or at local AAA offices or at certain gas stations. Make sure to have a valid driver's permit. Even better, apply for an international driver's permit before leaving your home country because it will make necessary paperwork easier. Having an international driver's permit is is also recommended if you're planning to rent a car in the United States.

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