Family Travel Ideas in California

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California is known as the Golden State because of the early discovery of gold in 1848. This is why so many people flocked to the state and eventually settled there in the mid to late 1800s. But these days, there’s a different reason so many people travel to California. It’s due to the endless variety of California family travel activities and sights to see in some of the state’s major cities.


In Hollywood you can expect to find stars' homes, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a myriad of travel tours to entertainment-themed and wax museums. Take a trip to Universal Studios and see the inner workings of movie and television sets, or ride attractions like Jaws. Go on a shopping adventure and possibly see celebrities out shopping on Sunset Strip. You can also trek up to the famed Hollywood sign and take in the extraordinary views of the city.

San Francisco

San Francisco has a great number of things to do and see as well. Downtown offers so many places to shop or dine, or go down to the waterfront by Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39 and find even more shopping outlets and restaurants to choose from. Also, at the waterfront you can catch a ferry boat out to the Rock and Alcatraz Island, wander through the famous landmark and catch a grand view of the San Francisco skyline while you’re there. When you make your way back to the mainland, catch a cable car ride and see different parts of the city up close or take a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and spend the day at the same-named park that offers an aquarium, history museum and a planetarium.

San Diego

Gorgeous seaside San Diego is farther south and close to the border of Mexico. Take a day trip into Mexico and experience the culture it has to offer, or stay within the city and make your way out to the beaches at Coronado or La Jolla and view beautiful resorts at their finest.  The Hotel Del Coronado has been named one of the top 10 best family resort locations in the country.  Also visit the famed animal parks of San Diego, including Sea World and San Diego Wildlife Park or Zoo, or the Legoland theme park which is not far from the city limits and geared toward kids riding and playing enjoyment.

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