Santa Barbara Travel Guide

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Santa Barbara, California is a great tourist destination for a number of reasons. First off the weather is nice almost year round which makes it a popular area to visit. Along with rich culture and long history, Santa Barbara has a number of exciting things to do for fun. There are many ocean activities to participate on the coast. This includes kayaking and surfing just to name a couple. You can buy or rent kayaking equipment there and even sign up for classes to learn. But surfing is very popular also. On most summer days you will see the beach and coastline filled with surfers and boogeyboarders. You can also visit the Channel Islands they have many tours and adventures there so you can experience a very unique eco-system. These are just a few of the things that make Santa Barbara, California a great place to spend your vacation.

Santa Barbara is just one of those places that seems to have it all. It's beautiful, has a lot of history, a great climate, good beaches and some of America's best vineyards are only miles away. Santa Barbara has a number of sights that are historically and culturally significant.

Other areas of interest include downtown Santa Barbara. There's no place quite like downtown Santa Barbara - and State Street is its heart. Don't miss La Arcada, just next to the Museum of Art.

Another very nice area in town is the waterfront. The harbor of Santa Barbara developed because the Channel Islands have provided a haven from severe weather. The waterfront area grew up around that harbor and is currently a working harbor with a very productive fishing fleet. It also hosts five parks, a wharf, numerous restaurants, quaint shops and a walking/biking path that stretches almost five miles. 

There are also opportunities to take a sunset sail with one of the two sailing charter companies, or rent a small sailboat for a few hours to a few days if you are a qualified sailor.  An enjoyable walk out to the end of the breakwater can afford great views of the boating action, as well as surfing action when the waves are right.

Many of the wineries in Santa Barbara are among the best in California. 


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