When to Go in Phoenix

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Phoenix is a hot, arid paradise with the majority of days full of sun, so obviously, it is the perfect place for tourists to escape to during the cold winter. Winter is the main tourist season for this big city, prices get higher, but it's still probably the best weather for a nice vacation. This season provides perfect temperatures for golfing, which the city is known for, and exploring the city. Temperatures in winter range from the 60s to the 70s, while the lows remain above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  

The Monsoon Season

Summers are not a good time to visit Phoenix. The temperatures are extremely high, higher, in fact, than any other city in the United States. For 110 days of the year, more or less, the temperature is at, or exceeds, 100 degrees Farenheit. From late May to early September the lows are usually above 80 degrees, even at night. Precipitation is minimal at the beginning of summer, but from early July to mid September there is a huge change, and heavy, localized flooding plagues the area, which in turn, creates very high humidity levels. This is called monsoon season. Thunderstorms are also common at this time, as are periods of hail and strong winds. Strangely, right before monsoon season, is the driest time of year during the month of June.

The Dry Season

Since the summer is somewhat unpleasant and bad for the tourist industry, the winter in Phoenix, luckily, makes up for all of its uncomfortable weather conditions. Winter is warm and pleasant, and the low temperatures never get below 40. Most days are very sunny with clear, blue skies, and snow is almost nonexistent. Daytime temperatures often reach the 70s and the humidity stays quite low. Winter is basically the dry season, contrasting with the wet, muggy days that make up the monsoon season of summer. 


Really there are things to do both in the monsoon season and the dry season. Obviously, if you're planning on doing some golfing, hiking, or other outdoor activities, or if you want to visit a lot of open air markets, you probably don't want to go during the wet season as it will ruin all of your vacation plans. It would be best to go during winter even if it means paying higher prices because of the tourist season. However, there are other attractions in Phoenix that are indoors, like shopping, going to the theater or opera, and enjoying famous Arizona spas and receiving some treatments, which can be done anytime of year; it may be better for people who like those sorts of activities to go when prices are cheaper.

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