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Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport offers national and international flights and is one of the US's fastest growing airports and is America West Airline's hub.

Phoenix is located on the major east-west highway Interstate-10. It is a city made by cars and for cars. Free parking abounds almost everywhere except for the downtown area -- and even there free parking can be found.


Phoenix's Amtrak service has gone the way of many other Amtrak services -- gone. The only way now is by bus from Maricopa (about 25 minutes south of the city) or Flagstaff which both continue to have Amtrak service.

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10 freeway

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One of the easiest and most direct ways to get to phoenix from the west coast is on the 10 freeway. The 10 Freeway will take you directly to Phoenix by car or bus in approximately six hours. The drive itself is not particularly scenic, but offers several key stops which will make the drive bearable and perhaps even enjoyable. One key stop off of the 10 is Blithe. Offering a variety of food stops as well as gas, Blithe marks the perfect halfway point for any traveler. In addition to Blythe, there are several other small cities on the way that might be worth stopping at. The best more..

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