Unusual Attractions

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Alabama has some unusual attractions:

The Boll Weevil Monument - Enterprise. Farmers erected a statue to the Weevil because it forced them to diversify their crops. It destroyed their cotton crops in 1915.

The Carrollton Courthouse - Carrollton. According to legend the face of Henry Wells, a slave, is forever etched on the window in the garret of the courthouse. And yes, the face is really there!

Coon Dog Cemetary - Florence. An entire cemetary dedicated to dedicated hunting dogs. Freaky.

Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum House - Florence. Completed in 1940, this house exemplifies Lloyd's style of architecture.

Moundville Archeological Park - Moundville. Indian burial ground that's both education and creepy.

Renaissance Tower - Florence. A restaurant and observation deck are perched 300 feet above the town.

Vulcan - Birmingham. The statue has been dismantled and is no long at the park. It is being repaired. The park is also closed for renovations.

The World's Largest Office Chair - Anniston. Located on Noble Street, the world's largest office chair is some 33 feet tall.

The Unclaimed Baggage Center - Everything you've ever left on an airplane or at an airport is here. From Israeli pop CDs to Japanese VCRs to all kinds of clothing, this place is like the world's thrift shop!

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