Rosarito Travel Guide

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Rosarito is a pristine coastal tourist destination famous for its water surfing activities, lifestyle spas, golf courses and high-end shopping malls. The Rosarito Travel Guide offers visitors general information about the destination along with its attractions and accommodation options.


Rosarito has a rich ethnic history that is steeped in a deep rooted culture of enjoyment and merry-making. The resort was a prosperous cultivation center for the early Indian settlers who were enamored by its fertile soil and pleasant climate. The Kumiai tribes shaped the early identity of Rosarito and set the momentum for the present day beach retreat with their quirky lifestyle and off-beat ethos. In 1553, the Spaniards frequented Rosarito with the intention of building their churches throughout the California Baja land. The late 19 th century saw a number of ranches  being created to  lend a stunning natural appeal to the thoroughbred rudimentary land that over a period of time metamorphosed into a striking medley of raw innate charm and an ingeniously created high lifestyle destination.

Attractions and activities

Take the super Rosarita-Ensenada Bike Ride that is held twice a year in the month of April and October. It is 50 miles of pure fun and thrill along the coastal belt of Baja. Over 9,000 riders participate in the activity that witnesses an electrifying culmination at Ensanada. There are daylong excursion tours conducted by several private tour organizers that take you for a ride through the dunes of Rosarito along with guided adventure trails and mountain hiking activities. The Northern quarter of Baja is an exceptionally good surfing destination that features infallible water sports conditions. The best time to come here for surfing is during the October  to April, when the swells are consistent in their speed and direction. Go hand gliding, angling or ride a horse on the beaches of Rosarito, while taking in the warm damp sea breeze. The Historic Rosarito Canyon is a breathtakingly gorgeous destination for horse riding purists. Take jet skiing lessons and guided adventure activities or simply sunbathe on the golden sands of the region for a natural sauna session.

Food and Accommodation

For top-notch and genuine Mexican grub, head to El Patio and Los Arcos. Both the restaurants are located in downtown Rosarito and offer robustly spiced local delights with tantalizing sauces and delicately flavored side orders. For home-grown Tacos, Macho Taco and El Poblano are great options. They make some of the most mount-melting and authentic taco creations. Japanese cuisine lover’s, check out Suriyaki opposite Pabellon Mall. It serves the tastiest sushi in the region. For thoroughbred sea-food, Siete Mares and Mariscos Sonora in the downtown area rule for their delicately marinated and lip-smacking, eclectic fish preparations. Visitor’s can’t leave Rosarito without feasting on the restaurants at Puerto Nuevo that serve their signature Puerto Nueve style lobsters. For accommodation Las Rocas Resort and Spa is a celebrated luxury property known for its high-end services and ultra-modern amenities. For vacation rentals, Seaside Reservations Rosarito Beach offers a large selection of holiday villas and condos. Villa Bonisots Vista features a stunning ocean and golf-course view. For Bed and Breakfast, Casa El jardin is a good bet.

Rosarito is an expensive beach getaway that packs a bevy of water sports and other adventure activities in the backdrop of a high lifestyle landscape.

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