Internet Cafes in Puerto Vallarta

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Once Upon a Bean

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The BEST Internet cafe/Coffee shop/used book store in Puerto Vallarta. Once Upon a Bean has the largest selection of used books in Puerto Vallarta and the best cup of coffee brewed from 100% organic Chiapas coffee. They make fantastic panini sandwiches, great fresh green salads, and tasty deserts as well as Blue Bell ice cream. The place has a really nice patio and a comfy-funky atmosphere where you will find giraffes in hawaiian shirts and zebra pirates.

Located at the top of "B" dock on the malecon in Marina Vallarta, close to Victors Tacuba restaurant.

type:Internet Cafe
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hours:07:30 to 9:30

PV Cafe

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PV Cafe is located on Olas Altas and Basillo Badillo. It is a trendy place with air condtion, 7 computers for access where you can skype, print, copy and fax. They also serve snacks, cocktails, beer and coffee. There is outdoor seating where you can relax and watch people pass by. It's a great place to hang out! 10 pesos buys you 15 min!

type:Internet Cafe
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