Getting Around in Puerto Vallarta

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Airport Transfers
Pre-reserved airport transfers are available for booking online.  Rates are generally from $6 each way and up, depending on the location of your hotel, and if you opt for private or shared service.  Air-conditioning, English-speaking drivers, luggage assistance, and meet-and-greet service are among the amenities normally offered.  Round-trip services are also available, where the driver picks you up at your hotel and takes you to the airport.

There are buses at every corner. If you see one, just wave it down. It will stop.  The cost is $5MXP... about 50 cents.  There is no air conditioning, but this is the way normal people get around.

You can get almost anywhere for $5.  From the airport to downtown is $5.  If they charge you higher than $8, you can get them to lower their price by speaking spanish.  When you are in Downtown PV, you will notice the over-abundance of taxis. 

Private Driver or Chauffeur Service
Private tours are offered by most major tour companies and airport transfer companies in Puerto Vallarta, as well as chauffeur or transportation service.  The rate varies, but usually starts at about $30.00 per hour for up to 8 people, with larger vehicles available for more passengers.  A discount is normally offered for full day services.

Tours and Excursions
Transportation to major tourist attractions is provided by tour operators in Puerto Vallarta, in conjunction with an organized tour.  Prices vary depending on destination, starting at about $25.00 per person and going up from there.   For this price, you are normally afforded an English speaking tour guide and driver, air-conditioned motorcoach or van transportation and other aminities such as lunch, beverages, and so on, depending on the particular tour chosen.

"Rite" (aka hitch hike)
This requires a lot of the right elements.  1.) Bravery 2.) A friend 3.) Daylight.  If you keep trying you can usually get picked up and taken as far as the car is going.  I caught a rite from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara (5 hours) with some great people.  Just make sure you take all the precautions before you get in a car.  If you can, riding in the bed of a truck is safer.

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