When to Go in Playa del Carmen

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Since Playa del Carmen has a subtropical climate, this means that the average temperature for the entire year is around eighty degrees Fahrenheit or twenty seven degrees Celsius. This also means that anytime is a great time to go there. To break it down more precisely the coolest time of the year falls between November and January and it is during these months that the daytime temperature reaches around sixty degrees Fahrenheit. This is also their rainy season but from February to May their weather is almost perfect with a very comfortable mid day high of around forty five to fifty degrees Fahrenheit with much cooler nights. Playa del Carmen is a beautiful vacation destination and many people will be found to be in agreement with this statement.   Paradise in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is well known for sun, sand and beautifully-tanned people. The beach is not the only thing to do while in Playa del Carmen as this is a subtropical environment which means plenty of fishing and plenty of sightseeing for all. The small island of Playa del Carmen is the ideal spot for a wandering adventurer who needs to see more of the world than is shown on the internet.

From February to May the weather could not be any better as the cool breezes off the ocean mixed with the warm rays of the tropical sun collide to make this a paradise like no other. A beautiful place to visit while in Playa del Carmen is the Mayan Riviera.

The famed Riviera in the Mediterranean is what everyone thinks of when the mention of beautiful water, beautiful landscape, and beautiful people are thought of yet in Playa del Carmen the same is true. The coastal community is the main attractive force for those adventurers who want to see what a real and tranquil experience of the Caribbean is all about. Here they will be amazed from the moment the place lands on the tarmac of Cancun International Airport and then the smaller twin-engine plane is pulling up and out and in the air! Once the chain of islands that is Playa del Carmen is seen then the excitement begins.

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