Shopping in Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen is a Mexican city loved by shoppers as Playa del Carmen Shopping tours include quaint streets full of interesting things to explore. The city also has  breathtaking ruins, unexplored limestone caves and its soft white sands and clear blue Caribbean waters.  This beach-side city opens its arms all year round to tourists who are in search for the perfect getaway. Aside from swimming, trekking and visiting ruins, vacationers also look forward shop near the beach area. Here is how to get the most of Playa del Carmen through shopping.

Shops along the Beaches

5th Avenue is actually the main street that runs parallel to the city’s long stretch of beaches. Its distance from the water is around 500 meters and between it and the beaches lie restaurants, inns, rentals and hotels.  It is affectionately nicknamed “Playa del Carmen’s Pedestrian Walkway” and one can surely get the most out of a visit to 5th Avenue on foot.

Quinta Avenida

Quinta Avenida is a melting pot of everything that speaks of Playa’s culture and industry. It boasts of native arts and crafts, traditional food and clothing and just about anything you would like to bring home to remind you of your exhilarating Playa experience. 

There are stores that sell quality and authentic Cuban cigars and rum. There are even sidewalk cafes and restaurants where you can rest and relax with your cigar after a whole afternoon of touring. Get a taste of the best Mexican tequilas in open air bars too.

Get lost in shops that sell the cutest Mexican things. Hand-crafted sombreros, cigar pipes, leather bags and ponchos are some souvenir favorites. There are also numerous shops that sell wooden lights which are quite unusual as they are beautiful and decorative. Local craft stores are very endearing, with natives happy enough to entertain vacationers.

Modern Shops

Of course, one can also buy clothes in modern shops that sell the latest cuts and trends from Europe. There are restaurants that sell contemporary and international cuisines too.

The ambiance of 5th avenue is quaint and sometimes carnival – like. From time to time and if you’re lucky, you can witness fire breathers, unusual characters, enormous boa constrictors and live lions parade down Quinto Avenida, all breathing life into the already vibrant street.

The beaches are the highlight of one’s trip to Playa del Carmen, but the whole vacation would simply be pointless without a complete day of shopping on Quinto Avenida.

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first time in this location, love to shop small local stores but also enjoy the mall for the GF

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