Getting Around in Playa del Carmen

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After having arrived at Playa del Carmen, Getting Around is quite easy. If you arrive by plane, you will land at the Cancun International (IATA airport code: CUN), which offers several options to get to Playa del Carmen such as taxis, private owned shuttles and public buses.

Getting Around by Bus

The most economical way to get around Playa del Carmen is by bus, also known as colectivo by locals. The colectivos fit about 20 to 30 people depending on the model of the bus, however the driver may fit many more than that. If you're not comfortable with little personal space, traveling by bus will not be a good idea. The bus service is not that reliable past midnight.

Getting Around by Taxi

If you travel by taxi, it is very important that you are aware that the taxi driver has a taxi meter and that he starts the meter only after he is sure of your final destination. Don't hesitate to be assertive about this. Also, be aware that taxi drivers may not turn on the meter after midnight because they know that there are no more buses available. Be ready to negotiate your fare by asking at the hotel desk or to locals about fair fares between common places. Make sure to have a Spanish speaking person by your side when negotiating rates because it will make things much easier. Even though it may seem a big hassle to use a taxi at Playa del Carmen, it is actually the best way to save time and avoid the summer heat.

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