Festivals in Playa del Carmen

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There are many Playa del Carmen festivals which showcase the religious nature of the people of this city, and also festivals which showcase the musical inclination of this city.

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, located in Playa Del Carmen, is a favored jazz festival in the city, according to the locals. The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is held annually in November, and is host to many performances from local and traveling jazz bands. The Festival is considered to be promotional for bands performing, so the cost is free. This is one of the Playa del Carment festivals which starts around 8:00 p.m on the Mamitas Beach peer, and usually runs all night. Spectators dance and sing along to the music, and sometimes set off fireworks to favored bands.

Dia de los Muertos

One of the different Playa del Carmen festivals is Dia de los Muertos; it directly translates to “The Day Of The Dead,” and is two Spanish holidays celebrated in one. The first of November is “All Saints Day,” and is a day taken to remember babies and young children who have passed away. November the second is also known as “All Souls Day,” and it is a day set aside to remember adult souls who have passed away.

Families celebrating Dia de los Muertos usually erect Alters in their home, with pictures, candles and flowers. Families also display religious and/or Pagan ornaments, along with celebratory skulls made of sugar, usually having the name of the departed written upon the forehead, and candied pumpkins.

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