Family Travel Ideas in Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen family travel options are many in "The Modern Maya", a city in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.  It is the third largest city in the state, after Chetumal and Cancun. Its name was once Xaman-Ha, which can be translated as "waters of the north." Playa del Carmen is known for its beaches. Restaurants, clubs, resorts and hotels are within walking distance of the beaches in this beautiful Mexican city. Your Playa del Carmen family travel will be filled with unforgettable splashes of fun in the sun. Here are some travel ideas.

Chill at the Beach

Playa, as the natives call it, is known for its long stretches of sandy shores and pristine blue waters. It makes a perfect family getaway. Get a glowing tan or enjoy the cool waters swimming, boating, snorkeling or scuba-diving. Couples and families love the beach for its majestic and romantic sunsets. The sand never burns your feet, and the waters are clear and cool. On any given day, the best way to unwind in Playa is to kick off those shoes and hit the beach.

Visit Mayan Ruins

Your family will love the thrill of exploring Playa's history through the Mayan ruins, which can be seen everywhere. It's impressive how the city was able to preserve them. One of the ruins can be found on Quinta Avenida, some by the beach and another in Playacar. These majestic outposts are reminiscent of the ancient Mayans, one of the world's most interesting civilizations.

Take Nature Trips to Caves and Cenotes

Beyond the beaches and the ruins lie caves waiting to be explored. Exploring the geology of Playa del Carmen provides the family a breathtaking experience. These natural wonders can be explored with the help of trained guides. The caves and limestone rocks are something to see during your trip to Playa.

Stroll along 5th Avenue, La Quinta

If you miss modern life, go to 5th Avenue, La Quinta. Locals and tourists love to walk around this street because of its quaint ambiance. Sidewalk cafes and open air restaurants provide a great dining experience. This street also boasts souvenir shops and boutiques where your family can choose from the best of silver, clothes and handicrafts that will help you remember Playa del Carmen for years after your trip.

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