When to Go in Mexico City

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Anytime is a good time to go to Mexico City, yet there are some times of the year that are more agreeable to the traveler. Mexico City is the most populated town in all of Mexico and is a favored vacation spot for millions of travelers each and every year. Developments in Mexico from the ongoing battle between the drug enforcement agencies and the Mexican drug cartels have caused a bit of concern and travel advisories. This must be taken into consideration. Your native country's Mexican consulate should have the best and most recent information on where exactly in Mexico City the criminal and tourist hot spots are located.
Spring Time in Mexico City

Spring time is the best time to arrive in Mexico City and the beautiful flowers of the Paseo de la Large Reforma Avenue boutiques are in full bloom and the aroma is indeed spellbinding. Any visit to Mexico City in the spring will have to include a short tour through the neighborhood of San Angel, Mexico City. With its cobblestoned streets and romantic plazas the borough of San Angel takes one back to the time of the seventeenth century. The influence of both the Aztec and the Spanish Conquistadors to San Angel can clearly be seen in the architecture and even its people. The urban sprawl of the city goes from a charming neighborhood to a hustling and bustling arts and crafts extravaganza which only adds to the flavor and the variety that is Mexico City. The city is well known for its vibrancy and livelihood and its people.

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