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Catedral de Hermosillo

Catedral de Hermosillo

Alvaro Fernández Kaempffer

Hermosillo, the capital of the State of Sonora, is located 275 kilometers (170 miles) south of the border with the U.S. state of Arizona. The city was founded in 1700, alongside the Sonora River, as Santísima Trinidad del Pitic. In 1828 it was renamed in honor of General José Maria Gonzáles Hermosillo, who fought in the war of Independence against the Spaniards. In 1879 it was declared capital of the state. During the Mexican Revolution Hermosillo was for a brief time the effective capital of Mexico.

Today's Hermosillo is a city some 690,000 inhabitants (2004 census), distinguished by dynamic commercial activity and numerous educational institutions, the most important of which is the Universidad de Sonora. The combination of modern urbanization and architecture of the 1800s gives Hermosillo a special touch. Among the most important edifices are the Government Palace in Plaza Zaragoza, opposite the Asunción cathedral. It's also interesting to visit Carmen and Espiritu Santo churches, the University museum, the Casa de Cultura and the Popular Arts Museum. Also worth visiting are La Sauceda Park, the Ecological Center and the Sonora Museum located at the old city jail.

In terms of climate, summers are dry and hot -- 40 degrees centigrade (104 F.) is not unusual well into September -- tempered by annual monsoon rains in July and August.  Winter temperatures are reminiscent of late northern spring, and days are typically sunny.

35 miles south of Hermosillo you will find La Pintada, an ex shelter of the Seri and Pima Indians, with more than a thousand rock paintings. An hour further south by car, just north of the important port of Guaymas, is the seaside destination of San Carlos. The Sonoran desert meets the sea in a final riot of peaks and cliffs, creating a unique and spectacular natural setting.

Also well known is the sea side resort of Bahía Kino, just 54 miles west of Hermosillo. During the first months of the year whales coming from cold waters come to the Sea of Cortez to mate and have their cachalotes. The coastline of Bahía Kino offers this unique opportunity to whale watchers and photographers.


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