Top 5 Must Do's in Guadalajara

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If you are planning to spend your summer vacation in Guadalajara, Mexico, you have a list of Guadalajara Must do's for your memorable choice. So it does not matter whether you are on a budget travel or your book on an expensive holiday, Guadalajara is one of the most exciting of tourist destinations.

Zoological Park

Top of the list of Guadalajara must do’s is a visit to the largest zoological Park in Mexico. With more than 2000 animals and 300 different species, this is a really nice place to spend the afternoon with the family. Remember to bring your picnic basket along.

Cathedral of Guadalajara

After your visit to the zoo, remember to keep one day free for the visit to the 17th century cathedral of Guadalajara. Not only is it is inspiring, but it is one of the most popular of tourist and native attractions in the city. A Guadalajara must see for anybody who is interested in rosaries, old books, and native Spanish/ Mexican architecture of the 17th century.

Tequila Express

No one coming to Guadalajara should miss a ride on the Tequila Express every Saturday morning, which is going to be full of fun, frolic, dancing, music, and of course tequila. This adventurous ride means that you are going to be going on a journey on the tequila express through tequila country with friends and family. Definitely one of the Guadalajara must dos for all those who like eating, drinking, music and dance.

Instituto de la Artesania Jalisciense

For all those who are interested in traditional Mexican crafts, the Instituto de la Artesania Jalisciense is the place to visit. Not only are you going to get an amazing collection of traditional art, but also you are going to know more about ancient Mexican crafts of the Jalisco region. So, come here to buy silver, papier-mâché, wrought iron, blown glass, textiles, and traditional pottery.

Children’s Activities

The children are definitely going to enjoy a visit to the children's Museum known as the Magic top (el trompo magico).

Then take them to the Palacio de Gobierno which was built in the 17th century. Do not worry about the soldiers outside, visitors are allowed. If you are there on September 15, do remember to hear the shout of independence by the governor from his balcony. There are some really amazing murals here.

Additional Must-Do’s

Also remember to visit the historic center, and the place of the mariachis, and bullfights at Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso. These are just some of the Guadalajara must dos for the adventurous tourist!

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